Wild Animal Sanctuary Experience near Greeley Colorado

Better than a Zoo – get closer to nature and experience the pure joy at the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Greeley Colorado

Stay at the Currier Inn and visit this amazing Wild Animal Sanctuary  –

Wild Animal Sanctuary Colorado


Wild Animal Sanctuary


Wild Animal Sanctuary, Colorado


Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh my!!!

Less than 40 minutes from The Currier Inn  this is a must see in Colorado.

See large carnivores rescued from all over the world running and living free in Northern Colorado.

Make plans to visit today – call us at (970) 392 1221 to make reservations and spend the day at this amazing sanctuary http://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/


CLICK HERE for everything you need to know about a visit to the Wild Animal Sanctuary

These animals have all been rescued from concrete pits, cages,  chained, bruised beaten, abandoned and  malnourished.  The Sanctuary has won numerous awards for their work in rescuing these incredible creatures. You will not see cages, you will not see chains.  You will see healthy animals living out their lives in freedom, roaming free within the constraints of the park. See them feed, play, rest and interact as they would have in the wild.  These animals could not be returned to the wild as they were bred in captivity and do not have the skills to survive unaided.

Spend some time on the overhead walkways and enjoy these animals without glass or wire, bars and fences… its an incredible experience. Your admission fee helps support and feed these animals and guarantees they can live out their days in peace and dignity.

Visit their website for more information on visiting hours and see how you, and your family can be a part of this wonderful venture.



Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado

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